best cryptocurrency accounting software

A portfolio tracking feature is provided and available for both desktops and mobile devices. Through this feature, investors can obtain a series of interesting insights by tracking the performance of their portfolio. Price alerts, market trends, and an overview of short-term and long-term investments are also available. Currently, tracking support is available for over 4,500 currencies. When using the platform for tax declaration, CoinTracking can calculate owed taxes via 12 computing methods, including FIFO, LIFO and AVCO. In other words, the platform is compatible with different tax jurisdiction as well, thanks to its adjustable parameters.

Basically, anyone who held ETH on the Ethereum chain would own the same amount of ETHW on the new ETHPoW chain. Holders of ETH who received ETHW will owe income tax on the value of the ETHW at the time they received it, which will also represent their cost basis on that token in their portfolio. There are many transactions in the crypto world that will create taxable income. Each type may have slightly different rules when it comes to taxes.

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When we say affordable pricing, we mean you can cover up to 20 transactions for free. Apart from the number of transactions, there are no other limitations to the free plan, unlike with many other providers. When combined, these discounts are making it one of the most affordable crypto accounting software on this list. The next tier is called Starter, and it costs $49 per tax year for up to 100 transactions. You can also sign up for Premium, Executive, and Platinum plans, which cost $149, $399, and $999 per tax year, respectively.

best cryptocurrency accounting software

This crypto trader tax software’s Basic plan costs $65.00 per tax year and records up to 500 transactions on Coinbase and Binance only. But if you trade on multiple exchanges, the Premium plan costs $199.00 per tax year and offers crypto tax software integrations on every exchange, up to 5000 transactions. When you calculate crypto taxes, TokenTax also has crypto tax software integrations to make the process easier. It doesn’t matter where you are because the app integrates with all exchanges—international tax calculations are then possible.

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This enables you to use the money you’ve already paid taxes to invest in Bitcoin to avoid capital gains). Step 4) The crypto tax software enables you to download the tax documents, such as Form 8949, Schedule 1, and Schedule D. It helps you to calculate your crypto profits and losses with the help of your transaction history. CoinTracking works by carrying out an analysis of user-imported trades, for the purpose of generating data related to real-time profits, losses, coin value, gains, losses, taxes owed and more. Cointracking HomepageThe platform has served over 570K users, alongside 750+ CPAs & corporate clients. It offers coin trends for 7333 digital currencies, whereas the total portfolio value of CoinTracking is estimated at $4.3B. Are you looking for crypto tax software to simplify your tax returns?

Even if you don’t think you’ve traded anything, it’s important to consolidate all that information to know the cost basis on cryptocurrency accounting purchases and when you move money around. Create that list and use it as your base to know if you have a complete data set.

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Is one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use cryptocurrency accounting and tax software that saves a lot of time. Allows you to have a real-time view of your financial data as it automatically tracks realized and unrealized profits and losses, live market rates, etc.

How much does crypto accounting software cost?

Basic product offerings begin at less than $100 a month and range to over $750 a month. The main driver for crypto accounting software costs is transaction volume. Large operations will need to obtain a vendor quote. Limited free plans and free trials are available.

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